About Me

I am husband of 21 years to my beautiful bride Karin and father to two beautiful and awesome girls Taylor and Carolyn. They are the real reason behind my passion to share what I have learned to become a healthier, fitter human. In short, I was tired of being the fat dad and husband.
For over twenty years, I struggled with weight, not always fat (though that is where it got to) but never lean. In college, I was an avid frustrated body builder because I could achieve strength and size easily but never the lean, cut, muscular look we wanted. My health deteriorated over the years to eventually ending up at probably close to 275lbs (don’t really know because I was too embarrassed to step on a scale), extremely high blood pressure and pre diabetic. I lied to myself and said I was fine (I dressed in black because it is “slimming”) but it was the day my fat pants decided to not fit that I realized I had to do something.
My journey began April 1, 2012. I altered my diet (I went Paleo light without any idea what Paleo was at the time) and embarked on a rigorous exercise routine of running. At that time, I could not run even 1/8 of a mile. Today (70+ lbs lighter and counting) I have become a competitive(this word is relative!)runner and triathlete, having competed in over 25 races, 5 half marathons and my first half triathlon.
My whole life, perspective on health and how to achieve lasting results has been changed tremendously. I have gained a passion to share this knowledge and help other people to achieve their own goals of not being fat anymore. I believe fat was a choice for me and I now choose lean and healthy. I have come to love running, cycling…yes even swimming (I know, I know…its cathartic for me) and have become addicted to racing as a hobby, training goal, and point of inspiration for others desiring change. I want to be that example of what a little bit of determination and knowledge can do for the average person. I am no expert, but I know what worked.


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