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The trigger has been pulled and I am officially registered for the 2015 Louisville Ironman!  I have to tell you I am totally nervous with panic and excitement.  This race will mark the single biggest fitness achievement I will have made up to that point.  To help make this a reality, I have been working with a strength coach Pat “I have the clipboard” Mahoney at The Lab Gym.  That’s him over there to the right.  Pat hPatas been exactly what I needed to help bring my strength, endurance and overall fitness to a much higher level.  Nutrition is a key focus and getting back to my Paleo regime has helped to bring my overall feeling of healthiness back in check.  I have felt stronger and more energized working out than I have in a long time.  (I even took a bicep selfie because I was feeling good about my arm workout…lame I know but…).

I have said this before and I will repeat it…working out in the morning does so much good for your energy and overall well being.  I don’t have specific scientific data to back that up but I know how I feel.  And depending on your goals, working out at different times may benefit you also.  All I am saying is that I have a better, more productive day working out, running, or cycling in the mornings.  Plus your body is a fat burning machine when you wake…no better time to stoke that furnace than first thing out of bed.

With the huge race schedule planned, 10 races in 10 months (read about it at www.devolvefitness.com)…it will be imperative that I am able to dial in every aspect of what I do to make sure I am prepared and injury free.  I am reflecting on the huge accomplishments that were made in 2014 and preparing for 2015, it is amazing at how what I thought were my goals have either been achieved already or simply don’t look daunting anymore.  Don’t get me wrong…I am terrified as I prepare for the Ironman…I mean seriously scared.  But as I hovered over the submit button for the race for like 2 hours, I reached out to my training partners, friends, and family.  No one, and I mean, no one expressed doubt in my ability to achieve this.  My friend Dan said I was crazy (he’s a triathlete too) but he means that in its “crazy awesome” and he is shooting for that goal too.  My wife Karin, the saint of all patient saints, was the first to say, “You can do this!”  My other training and business partners all resounded with, huge texting hi-fives and encouragement.  That is half the battle for me.  Knowing people believe I can and will support all of the crazy training I will have to do!

I don’t know what the future brings, but I do know this…after being given the gift of being able to get healthy and have the ability to train and realistically work towards goals such as the Ironman, you have to grab every opportunity to work on yourself and become the best you that you can be.  This journey that I have started documenting and will document through the next 10 months is not just me trying to get to the Ironman, or the other guys involved with dEVOLVE Fitness reaching new health goals and bringing healthy awareness to others.  This is a journey of self discovery in all three areas of mind, body and spirit.

I am excited to share this adventure with everyone.  I know the other guys Tony and Mike are excited as well.  This really has been 30 years in the making and we are dedicated to sharing the good, bad, ugly, raw and exhilarating aspects of the next 10 months.

I hope you follow along maybe just maybe…we can inspire you to push yourself to the next level of a better, awesome you!


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Athlete profile – Jeff Barnes

Posted: December 2, 2014 in PFG profiles

I apologize for the time it has taken me to get this inaugural athlete profile posted.  Jeff was kind enough to participate and I did not get this posted as soon as I would like.  But, if you have not figured it out yet, this is the first of what I hope is many athlete profiles I will post.  Athletes of all walks, disciplines, and levels of fitness and competition.  What I always found inspiring to myself were the average guys, the guys like me that figured out how to balance life and training to achieve a heightened level of fitness.  Whether that is just losing weight or training for an event.  I rarely looked to elite athletes for inspiration, rather I looked for inspiration in those seeking to better themselves not for recognition but for themselves.

Now let me clarify, I do listen and seek advice in nutrition, training, equipment from many experts and elite athletes, but my goal here is to highlight the people who work and train just as hard under the radar.  These folks are just as heroic to me as any Tour de France winner or Olympic champion.  So here we go:

I met Jeff through an obstacle course race team about 2 years ago.  We had both joined this team online and discovered we lived near each other.  Through that we have become friends and participated in a few races together, but more importantly I have seen Jeff grow as a person and an athlete through his efforts.  Whether he admits it or not, he has become a force in motivation and inspiration for many.  Currently leading the Illuminati OCR team, his efforts have led to hundreds (seriously) of people getting involved in fitness in one way or the other, and at the very least, bringing like-minded folks together to make fitness and training fun. (And he just recently squatted a ridiculous 515#!!!)

Name: Jeff Barnes
Hometown: Mt. Vernon, IN
Occupation: Healthcare IT Consultant

Hobbies: Lifting, Running, OCR, writing.

When did you start your fitness journey? I was born into the martial arts. My dad was an 8th degree Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do. I have always been in the martial arts but often times overweight and not in shape. In 1995, I was a heavy weight kickboxing champ. Later in life after opening my own schools, worked a full-time job and struggled with weight. My father passed away five years ago; when he passed my health took a nose dive. Next month represents my second year in changing my health and starting good fitness habits. I bought my first pair of running shoes from Ultimate Fit and haven’t turned back.

Why do you train? I am still looking for the body image I want. I am strong, I can run, but still carry excess weight. Slowly but surely, I will get there. Diet and consistent training is the key.

What do you hope to accomplish with your training/fitness? Next year I want to compete in NAS Strongman Nationals, and I want to run a sub ten minute mile for a 5k race.

What do you think a healthy lifestyle has added to your life? Happiness, experience, great memories… I am not sitting in my lazy boy waiting to die. Now, I go out and make things happen, I enjoy my body and challenge it to do things others think are crazy.

Cheat food? Chips and Salsa

Music or no music to train? Five Finger Death Punch… nuff said

Injury setbacks? This year has been the year of setbacks. I have had ankle and Achilles issues. Make sure you get to the doctor and get examined. I went recently and found some interesting lab results. I am now addressing those. Amazingly, I feel so much better.

Biggest race accomplishments? Dances with Dirt Devil’s Lake 50K

Mantra? #DFQ

Next race or fitness goal? 600LB Deadlift/600lb Squat/400 Bench

Advice to beginners? Do something, whatever it is, get out there and just try it. Who cares if you fail, failure IS the journey.

One fun fact no one would guess about you! I have written several books (fiction and nonfiction) and working on my next Novel

So there you have the amazing Mr. Jeff Barnes!  I am serious when I say this dude is a force!  Not only in his kind nature, but in his work ethic to train and motivate others to be the best “you” they can be.  It is a privilege to know and race with this guy.

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”


Been a few days since I last wrote about my journey.  Life keeps getting in the way of my race and training time!! I had a great weekend and I’ll tell you why…I registered last minute (I did not think I would be able to run this race) for the Evansville Indiana Half marathon this past Saturday.  I needed something to help amp up my motivation going into the end of the year and I thought this would be it for a couple of reasons:

1. Its local and a great race.  I love supporting local events that are done well.  This one certainly is done well.  Kudos!

2. This was my first road half marathon last year. My first ever.  Had never ran that distance on pavement ever at that time.  My buddy Dan and I had run the Indian/Celina Challenge the prior June but that was a trail run.  2013 was my first half on the road.  I finished last year with a time of 2:11+.

Since then I have run a myriad of races including two more half marathons, the St. Louis Rock -n- Roll Half (2:04+)and the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA.(2:07+).  I wanted to come back to my inaugural half and see where I stood and how much I had improved…if any.

Being plagued with calf cramps this entire past year I have searched and worked on a number of different solutions to quell the cramps.  I think I have finally gotten it!  Basically, nutrition and hydration were the two culprits.  I did change shoes to the ON Cloudrunners as well.

This year I was determined to start with a steady pace, see where I was at the halfway mark and decide whether I could push it or not.  I started with the 2:00 pacer group and after 5 miles I felt I was ready to push my own boundaries.  I had negative splits all the way through.  10 of the miles under 9 minute/mile averages the other three only a few seconds over.  Not breaking the sound barrier but believe me…this is a big deal.  I had almost given up thinking the half distance or further may never be in my cards.  I finished at 1:56:41 officially and still had more in the tank.  I was elated but also remiss that I didn’t push harder.  Oh well.  Next race!

Speaking of the next race!  The Chicago Monster Dash Half Marathon is coming up this month 10/25/14.  I am gearing up for that and ready to hit another sub 2:00 run…(I haven’t told my legs yet but we are shooting for sub 1:55).

Evansville was a great race, with a great route, great weather and a great pace group to get me started steady.  With out them I would have flown out of the gate and probably risked the sub 2:00.  Thank you pace group!

On the nutrition side I am still struggling to get to my preferred race weight for Chicago.  I wanted to be 5 lbs closer than I am right now…210lbs…sad face.  I really want to be under 205 for the race and have enlisted my buddy Jeremy Thiem and his BodybyVi products to help jumpstart my metabolism once again.  I know it has worked for many people and I am eager to see the results.  For the record I am usually not one to try a bunch of different things to manage my weight and health.  Good old fashioned hard work and clean eating is my usual motto.  But After seeing the success of so many people particularly a few I know personally, I though it time to investigate it and put it to the test for the next 90 days.  I’ll keep you posted.

One word of caution to everyone…these next two months tend to be big eating months…Halloween and Thanksgiving…make smart choices…don’t deny yourself or that fall off the wagon will hurt.  Just remember moderation my friends!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”

Alrighty!  I promised some product reviews way back when and here we go.  Tifosi Optics Sunglasses!  I shared my story with them and some of my goals for 2015 and Tifosi (with some help from Graham at Swift Athletics) sent me two pair of sunglasses to try out.  I have worn both now, the Podium XC casually and the Lore for running.  Both fit great.

The neat thing about Tifosi (http://www.tifosioptics.com/) is that the lenses are interchangeable.  Each pair came with two additional sets of lenses (clear and red/amber). This makes it really nice when running or riding in low light situations and the dark (smoke) lenses are too dark.  I found the initial lens change to be a little precarious as I didn’t want to break anything but once I had completed the swap it was apparent the product is made very well and sturdy.  I would imagine it to be very difficult to damage or break these without some effort or mishandling.

The first pair, the Podium XC, is a lighter pair.  They sent me the matte black frame.  It has one large lenses on it so the change is simple and fast.  It came with a hard case and a soft carrying bag that doubles as a lens cleaner.  I really like these because black goes with just about anything and they have a very unassuming look and profile.  Wearing them everyday casually, as well as riding wont be an issue.

The second pair, the Lore, has a heavier look to them.  Again, they came with two additional sets of lenses.  This pair requires you change each side, so in effect, two lens changes are required each time you want a new look.  These are really cool looking and worked awesome on my run this morning.  They felt good and stayed in place.  An additional feature is they have little vents in the corners of the lenses that keep them from fogging up.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to slide my glasses down my nose some to get a breeze to clear the fog.  With the metallic red finish these are pretty cool.  I dig them.  This pair also came with a case and lens cleaning bag.

They have a price point of about $70 and I think they are well worth it.  They are well built, and with the additional lenses and case, the price is reasonable.  I have looked for a decent pair of running/riding glasses for a year and I believe I have found them.

Be awesome today!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”


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The last two posts dealt with the first two principles I identified that helped me get off the couch and start making smart, healthy choices for myself.  They were primarily mindset focused and really set the stage for the final, but not least important, principle.  It is the principle of LEAN ACTION!

  • Lean Actions – We move with purpose now.  We have goals that we can measure and we actively pursue not only improving ourselves but also sharing what we learn with others.  I believe our successes obligate us to help others.

Everything we do now, our training, eating, preparing…all of it is focused on our end goal of achieving a healthier, fitter, more energetic you!  You might think I am suggesting becoming overly obsessive but that’s far from the truth.  What I am saying is that we choose to make solid healthy decisions and we actively incorporate those into our lives…building a lifestyle not just completing a diet or a short term workout regime that may produce short term results but fails to build a foundation for lasting success.

We do things like take the stairs versus elevators or escalators.  We choose the salad option at lunch versus the burger, or better yet, we prepare healthy meals to avoid the temptations of unhealthy choices away from home.  And most importantly we seek opportunities to share the successes we are having.  Tell people about the awesome lunch you had.  When people ask you what you are doing to get healthy don’t shy away from telling them.  More people than you think are looking for answers just like you did but are afraid or want “the easy way” out answers.  Be honest and encouraging.

It is also very important to “Walk the Walk”.  I have my vices…M&M’s…Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, but in moderation and in accordance to your goals.  People are quick to judge and some will use seeing you “treat” yourself as a reason to not make good choices.  I had someone recently admonish me pretty harshly because I was snacking on a small bag of M&M’s…what they chose to ignore was I ran 13 miles that morning, was hydrating well with only water, my lunch was grilled chicken and fresh raw yellow peppers. I earned and planned for that snack.  Regardless be careful and make sure your treats are well deserved.  We all need them from time to time!

Finally, LEAN ACTION means you push yourself…hard!  You will hear me quote this often, “Change happens outside of your comfort zone.”  Make that change happen.  The human body is an extraordinary machine and is capable of tremendous things.  You will be amazed!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”

Last post we talked about having a LEAN Attitude, principle one in my LEAN Principles…it recognized the need for change and it identified your willingness to accept that change will not be easy.  Today I want to offer up my second “LEAN” principle.

LEAN Thinking

LEAN Thinkers are progressive in their approach to making healthy changes.  They have accepted that they need to change and are now willing to start committing to a plan to achieve their vision of healthy success.  They are positive. People who have success in any area, are generally positive people (not always).  Don’t get me wrong, there is frustration, confusion at times, and even self-doubt might creep in, but they never let that hinder their overall progression towards their goal.  LEAN Thinkers are problem solvers.

I had to learn to be a LEAN Thinker.  I had a million excuses as to why I couldn’t lose weight, why I couldn’t get in shape and why I was doomed to be fat and unhealthy.  I even told myself I didn’t care anymore, though the period of time I avoided looking in mirrors or taking pictures tells a different story.  I did care.  And because of that I had to become a LEAN Thinker, a problem solver.

I had to research and put together an plan of action that was realistic and would get me to where I wanted to be in a safe and healthy way.  What I found was that once my mind was fully engaged with my plan…achievements were obtained faster and faster.  I hit benchmarks quicker than I thought I could, and I made progress in ways I didn’t even plan on.  Not only did my health improve, but my outlook on my self improved.  I began to become a whole person by becoming less of one!  A thinner, healthier me, created and more energetic, happier, and better me!

A LEAN Thinker finds answers, tries new things, and looks at setbacks as simply “one step closer to success”.  You see, everyday I got out and worked my plan was a day of success because I either succeeded, or I discovered what didn’t work and moved on.   Start thinking LEAN today!!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”

Be awesome today!!




I thought I would toss out the first of three principles I came up with to help me start my own journey to “fat” freedom and my Road to Ironman 2015. Its call “Lean” Attitudes.

LEAN Attitudes are comprised of our own thoughts towards making changes.  In our unhealthy physical state we carry around “Fat Attitudes” or an unhealthy perspectives on ourselves.  Many times we don’t hold optimistic opinions of ourselves, or self-worth.  We are not honest or realistic with our state of health (and when I say “we”, I mean me!).  There is a lot of denial happening as to how we look and feel.  We cheat on our diets and say its not cheating because “I walked up a flight of stairs today.  I earned it.”  Justification for our poor health choices is what it really is.

LEAN Attitudes is the other side of that coin.  We take accountability for our health, our well being (both physically and mentally).  We begin to put ourselves in a place that we can make changes for the good.  Is it easy?  No it’s not.  Sorry, but that’s the truth.  The first step to any change we make is going to happen in our heads.  Deciding to do it!  Deciding we need change!  Deciding that hard work will be worth the increased quality of life we will gain! 

Lou Ferrigno says, “Change will happen outside of your comfort zone.”

I was stuck in my comfort zone.  I distinctly remember being in total denial that I had a fat issue.  Seriously.  I wore dark colors, stood behind people for pictures, had back aches all the time because I was sucking in my gut constantly.  By the way, a fat guy sucking his gut in only looks like a fat guy sucking his gut in and totally not worth the back aches.  All of these are examples of escaping the truth.  I was too lazy to change, or want to change.  But not because I didn’t want to be healthy, I just didn’t think I could achieve it.  I had a “FAT” Attitude.

The other thing is, people make fat out to be the enemy.  Fat just does what it does with no prompting.  For the most part we create it with poor lifestyle choices and allow it to grow and wreak havoc.  Now, let me clarify, I say the for the most part we create this problem.  Yes, there are reasons, legitimate reasons, people struggle with weight and I don’t mean to discount those folks.  They are not who I am talking to here.  You know who you are.  So offense was probably given to some but not intended.

Here is the beauty of it all.  A few small changes in our attitudes and we can begin creating a whole new self.  We have complete control.  Look for reasons to say yes to change, and find inspiration in others doing the same.  Decide to make those changes then do it. 

I know you can…I did!  Be Awesome!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy” 


I have decided to dedicate at least one blog per week to an issue I find both concerning and personal.  Obesity is on the rise in the United States and I consider myself to be a statistic (albeit former) of this growing epidemic.  Obesity IS a preventable disease in this country and I feel as someone who has begun the escape from the “fat prison” it is my obligation to bring awareness and share as much as I can about preventing and helping others overcome this disease.

One out of every three Americans is now considered to be obese, and during the early 21st century, America often contained the highest percentage of obese people in the world.  The highest percentage!  What!?  As one of the world superpowers, one of the most industrialized and wealthiest countries on the planet…and we somehow have allowed ourselves to be the fattest!  Not good.  Until 2013 the United States had the highest percent of obese people for large nations until Mexico surpassed us.

In 2008 (and just extrapolate that out another 6 years) approximately 17% of our nations children were considered obese, 32% of men, and 35% of women.  One third of our adult population was in crisis as near as 6 years ago.  Statistics do not show a downward trend of that and has been cited as being the cause of 100,000 – 400,000 obesity related deaths in our country.  Man, there are a lot of we can and will pass away on, but to lose your life over something that can be prevented is too much of a shame. 

There are too many stats in regards as to the cost to Americans dealing with this disease so I am not going to go into all of those.  My point here is to bring awareness.  Many of you reading this are already beginning to transform or have been leading a healthy lifestyle…not all of this applies, but we all know someone suffering from obesity, child or adult.  We all do. 

I was one of those and it took a long, long time for me to recognize the dangers to not only myself, but what it was doing to my family.  As a “Previously Fat Guy” I know how it feels to be around those fitter than me, people who could buy regular sized clothes, or were confident to get in the pool, or tuck in their shirts! (Rosie O’Donnell said once, “Confident people tuck!”). Not a fan of Rosie but those words hold true.  When you feel good about yourself you do things that represent that.  Tucking my shirt in was a big one for me.  It meant I was making progress on my fat loss journey.  It was more telling than the scale in my own opinion.  I also measured progress by the holes on my belt. 

However, many people stuck in that obese category feel trapped and most will tell you they are lonely as well.  That doesn’t even address the myriad of health issues, uncomfortable aches and pains, embarrassing situations that come along with being obese.  If you are lucky nobody pokes fun at you to your face but obese people are a target and that does not help ones self -esteem.  Trust me.   I went many years not wanting to look in a mirror because my face was fat. Try shaving with no mirror – I switched to an electric razor to solve that problem  Instead of dealing with my weight and health I switched razors…nice.

The Obesity Action Coalition does a great job trying to combat obesity through education, solutions of all types, and through programs aimed at eliminating fat biases ( http://www.obesityaction.org ) particularly among children.  If you have a chance, visit their website and educate yourself about the dangers of obesity and maybe, just maybe we will all take the time to help someone in need. 

This is a very preventable issue and I hope people can see that if I can get up and decide to make a change for the better, others can to.  Its not easy, in fact its hard, very hard.  But oh so worth it.  So I ask a few things of you here…

1. Encourage someone to start making healthy lifestyle choices…whatever they maybe…anything is a step in the right direction.

2. Educate yourself a little bit on the causes and solutions for obesity.

3. Don’t be a afraid to share your concerns with someone you know or love who is suffering.  Many obese people are intimidated to ask for help and feel trapped and are waiting for someone to give them the nudge they need to make a change.

4.  Be kind…you know what I mean.

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”







So, the 2014 Louisville Ironman finished yesterday.  Several people I know competed and completed!  very awesome to watch and follow them throughout the race.  Even more awesome to feel that motivation to continue my journey to that event next year.  Congrats to all that entered, competed, and completed.  Inspiring to say the least.

I keep saying “Today is day one of my training”  I guess I have to get to day two at some point!  So today I say is Day two!  I busted out a 6.1 mile run, mildly hilly, very humid, dodged a ton of traffic!  As I ran I thought about some of the Facebook posts about the Louisville IM and saw the excitement of participant and spectators throughout the whole event and yes, I will admit, I pretended I was finishing the IM as I ran down Anderson road this morning.  So if anyone saw me with my fists raised over my head and waving to the imaginary crowd, I was not delusionary, just lost in my own little moment for a second.  I can safely say I have my finish line pose down!  Something else that I saw posted was that someone made note that it was easy to admire the professionals and their own physical accomplishments but even more we have to admire the others, the everyday people who have regular jobs, balancing life, and training and still manage to complete this extraordinary feat of racing. Inspires me even more to work hard to get there and even more so…it makes me feel part of a unique group of people, everyday people getting out a preparing for something this big.  I truly believe I can do this.  Next step is completing the Chicago Half Marathon on October 25th.  Anyone want to join me?

Anyway, 6.1 miles today…goal is 30-35 miles this week on foot.  I just have a itch to run this week don’t know why.

Weight was still hovering at 205 (Grrr!) I am taking suggestions in this area.

Had an awesome juice this morning that my fantastic wife prepared:  oranges, lemons, spinach, red and green pepper, ginger, and she snuck some baby carrots in!  This juice was great and very energizing after my run.  I highly recommend it!

Nothing tremendously profound today other than get out and do something, walk, run, ride…something.  You will feel better if you do.  Eat well today and try something new, a juice, a healthy snack, ditch the soda today for water.  Make one improvement over yesterday and start or continue that road to a healthier fitter you.

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”






Training update:  Road to Ironman 2015

Weight: 205 (still)

On Tuesday when I was running with my buddy Dan he asked me since the YMCA tri was over if I was in “full half marathon training?”  I said no, that I was waiting until next week to decide how I wanted to prepare for the 10/25/14 race.  It will be the last road half of the year, the tri’s are over for me for the year, and other than maybe a November 5K an the Huff 50K in December I don’t have specific race plans for the rest of the year.  Not because I don’t want to but work and life preclude me racing as much as my passion allows.

I know its sound like I may be getting deep here but bare with me.  After the run Tuesday I began thinking about what Dan had said and light went off in my head (no comments).  I came to the realization that I had always been preparing for each race individually, which, we do when we compete, but it struck me that as I change my lifestyle to reflect a healthier, fitter, more energetic me, it becomes less about the races and more about the journey to finish them strong and build upon the knowledge I gain in-between.  I have learned so much in my two year adventure to transform myself from sick and fat to healthy and competitive.  My nutritional knowledge, admittedly still minimal, my training knowledge, and my self-awareness have never been more in tune. 

When I train, run or cycle (swimming is still more of a life and death splash fest from one end of the pool to the other) I am in another place mentally and emotionally.  My buddy Jim said not to long ago that he would rather be on his bike than any other place.  I knew what he meant.  Those few hours training daily have us focused on one thing, getting better, stronger and faster (ok three things), but not just physically but mentally as well.  I am speaking for myself here but training helps me grow.  There is something very cathartic about hitting a PR or just pushing your body to the next level even if that is just another feet on the run or one more hill on the ride. 

The races are the check points for me not the destinations.  They tell me if I prepared correctly or if I just prepared better than before.  Prior to my first tri I would have had no idea what a transition area was or how to navigate it…or the importance of treating it as another critical component of the race.  Yea,  15 minutes of transition time in my first 70.3…that kills your time.  Two years ago I thought you could run in whatever shoe was in the closet, never even thought about how to or if you should hydrate on a run.  I’m still figuring out how to eat properly without crashing my bike.  All of it is “The Journey.” 

This journey has taught me a very important lesson about patience.  My progress is marked by seconds, pounds, and aches!  I learned that I got unhealthy over a 20 year timespan, but it can change overnight…just in itty bitty microscopic changes you may not see for days or even weeks.  My family has been instrumental in my success.  Encouraging me, acknowledging my progress and hard work, showing up for races when they only get to see me for a few second passing by and at the finish.  My wife Karin, who puts up with my, “Hey I need to register for a race!” texts, or “I am at the bike shop and I need (insert any of 1000 items we need for the bike)…”  All of that is so important for me to succeed.

I see all the posts about some of my Southern Indiana Triathlon Teammates preparing and heading off to the Louisville Ironman (jealous).  I am excited to be on track to join them next year.  I see determination in their faces and know, even in my limited time in the sport, how hard they have worked to compete in this race.  The race will pass and they make memories but I dare say they will remember the path they took to get there..the good and the bad.  They will learn and adjust to be better next time.

So I say to everyone who is reading (all, like,7 of you!) remember its about the journey.  Enjoy the journey, learn from it and praise yourself for taking it.  Your are today, a better, fitter, healthier (mind, body, and spirit) you than you were yesterday.  I am excited this is my life.  I look forward to my training and my races.  I look forward to sharing what I learn with you and I look forward to seeing everyone at the starting line.

I rambled and digressed…but it was on my heart,

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”